Holding handsWe are implementing plans to expand our services for the elderly and vulnerable to improve their quality of living. We are committed to taking things one step at a time to ensure the level of service is just right before venturing into future plans.
For further information on our services please use the links provided.

Our Befriending service has been a great success. We are receiving an encouraging number of volunteers who are generous enough to offer their spare time to become a friend to someone in need of social engagement, and the level of referrals for older people in need of befriending shows the demand for this service.

Our Home Support service will be the first to launch in 2015 and will run alongside our Clean Team service. This service will offer support with cleaning, laundry, shopping and meal provision. We aim to involve the client wherever possible in order to promote independence.

Our Clean Team service is a free and confidential service, being launched in response to the growing need which is not being met in the Bexley Borough. We will work to reinstate cleanliness and order, restoring a sanitary and dignified environment for the client.

The Trusted Trades & Professionals service. We receive regular enquiries for referrals of tradesmen who are reliable and trustworthy. We now have a group of trusted traders in the following fields: Business Support, Property, Motor Trades, Financial & Legal, Health & Wellbeing, and Leisure & Events.

Our Future Plans. We have a vision to expand in so many areas, and we are continually reviewing potential services we can offer to cater for the demand of support needed for the elderly and vulnerable in Bexley. We are working on services including Home from Hospital, Appointment Transfer, and various training days for friends and family members.