Future Servics


There are many areas of care and support that Evergreen would like to get involved in. The need is great and there is a lot of work to be done. We know we can’t change the world, but we can change a person’s world, one person at a time – and you can help! Please consider sponsoring us financially, either monthly or a one-off gift, so we can continue to provide the much needed support to our older citizens. Together, we can make a difference.

The plans so far….

Home From Hospital Services

The Home from Hospital Service will support older people on discharge from hospital, ensuring they are settled back in their home environment and that all statutory services start as planned and other needs are met. With the person’s permission and prior to discharge, our volunteers will give their home a quick spring clean, put on the heating if necessary, and ensure they have fresh groceries for their return home. If possible, our volunteers will collect them from the hospital, or meet them at their home, and stay with them until they are happy to be left on their own. Our volunteers will keep in contact with the client over the next few days to ensure all is well. We hope to be piloting this service by 2016 which will be free to the client.

Response Team

It has become clear to Evergreen that there is a huge gap in care provision when it comes to one-off smaller jobs that can be a struggle for an older person, such as changing light bulbs, packing up your home if you are moving or having to move furniture around in the event you may need to have your bed downstairs. The Response Team will provide assistance with these one-off jobs in the absence of family support and will be a free service to the client, although a donation to the ongoing work of Evergreen is always appreciated.

Lifeline Service

Evergreen Care Bexley are looking to provide its own lifeline service to our older citizens and hope to be able to provide this service through a platinum accredited company at a very competitive rate. Evergreen understands how important it can be to know you always have help at hand should the need arrive. In an emergency, one of your named family members, friends or neighbours will be contacted to respond to your emergency call, and if necessary, the Emergency Services will be called also. It is hoped that, in the future, Evergreen can be the named person in such cases where a client has no immediate family or friends or any neighbour they are able to call upon.

Chaplaincy Service

We at Evergreen understand how important a spiritual input into a person’s life can be, and how, through ill health or disability, many are unable to attend a church service or have the fellowship they had in the past. We will be working with churches and ministers from across the Borough of Bexley to help fulfill the spiritual life of those who may have become lonely and isolated through situations beyond their control, and to help them once again to feel a part of our community.